Providing Services to the Energy Industry

Moxie Energy, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Moxie Liberty LLC, is proposing to build a natural gas power plant in Asylum Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania to take advantage of the abundant natural gas resources in the area and the skilled workforce that has developed around the domestic natural gas production.  The power plant will be fueled only by natural gas (no diesel oil back-up), and will not require river water or any other large source of water typically used for cooling needs.  It will consist of two combustion turbine generators that will each produce between 225 and 350 megawatts of electricity.  The combustion turbines will be connected to two heat recovery steam generators where the hot exhaust gases from the combustion turbines will produce steam that will be directed to two steam turbines.  The steam turbines will produce an additional 250 MW to 300 MW of electricity.

Construction of the project will take approximately 30 months and employ an average of 200 skilled and non-skilled workers and a peak workforce of about 500.  The direct construction payroll is expected to be about $40 million; the indirect and induced payroll (an estimate of the money spent on outside goods and services such as hotels and apartments, food, clothing, gasoline, and other things) is expected to be about $80 million using a conservative multiplier of two.

Once completed in mid 2015, the $800+ million investment will provide a significant and steady tax base to the area, 25 to 35 high paying technical and operations jobs, and an ongoing source of community programs.


NEWS UPDATE: On August 21, 2013 Moxie Energy, LLC completed its sale of Moxie Liberty LLC to Panda Power Funds, a private equity firm based in Dallas, Texas. Panda Power and Moxie Energy have succesfully closed financing of the project and Notice to Proceed has been issued. For more information, click here

Construction will begin immediately by the EPC Contractor, Gemma-Lane Liberty Partners. The plant is expected to be operational early 2016. Gemma-Lane Liberty Partners, is a joint venture between Gemma Power Systems (an Argan Inc. subsidiary) and Lane Construction Corporation; two highly experienced construction organizations. For further information or job inquiries please visit